Monday, August 31, 2009

Harcourt Reading/Technology Center Resources

The Kyrene School District has coordinated activities and web resources that align perfectly to each theme for grades k-6. This is a no brainer tool for your classroom computer centers. Literacy Coaches and Classroom Teachers truly need to add this to their favorites.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Edmodo- Microblogging for Educators

If you looking to microblog with your students, edmodo may be the tool for you. Similiar to Twitter, it allows you to microblog educationally. It is a secure, private social learning environment built with education in mind. In addition to microblogging, one can store and share files, post assignments, record grades, and generate class calendars.

To learn more about edmodo, go to:

Do You i Cue?

iCue, sponsored by NBC, is an interactive learning environment that contains primary resources from NBC News Archive.

Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum comes alive when you utilize this engaging resource. One can view videos, participate in collaborative initiatives, take courses and play games on this site.

This site is best for students in grades 6-12. I especially love the acronym for iCUE:
  • i connect
  • i understand
  • i excel

Check it out for yourself!