Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gaming/Programming in Technology Integration? Yes!

Imagine having your students create games and virtual interactive activities to demonstrate their knowledge and to help others solidify their learning. This is great way to introduce students to programming. I am certain you will open a whole new world of 21st Century learning and discovery if you use these tools. You can with the following applications:

"With Scratch, people can easily construct a wide variety of interactive projects. From community narratives to role-playing games to mathematical simulations to consciousness-raising presentations, the potential for creative production with Scratch is boundless." - Karen Brennan-

Use this site to download Scratch and view a gallery of Scratch projects.

This is the educator learning community for Scratch.
"Gaming is a great way to inspire kids to get exposed to and to understand core skills. Kodu can help kids understand the fundamentals and principals of software development. We can make learning experiences more relevant. If we can get kids interested in gaming concepts early, then hopefully they will think about their potential career aspirations and develop skills early."-Anthony Salcito-
With Kodu, you can program games that work on XBox 360.

Kodu demonstration for schools
Go here to learn more about Kodu.