Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDIM 508: Flips, Slides and Turns with Discovery Education- Great for Grade 3

I had an assignment for class to select a video segment about a topic I may teach. I chose flips slides and turns. This video is a tool I can use with third grade students to help them gain a better understanding of flips, slides, and turns.


My goal is to help 3rd grade students gain an increased understanding of the mathematical (geometrical) terms: flip, slide and turn. I chose this topic in particular because according to our district's assessment data, our students are having a difficult time grasping geometrical concepts.

There are several different ways we can use this digital media link in the classroom:
1. It would be a great tool to use as an anticipatory set during whole group instuction.

2. I can embed this video on a blog to share with my parents to demonstrate what we worked on today as a class. Our parents can use this tool to equip themselves to help their children with the evening's homework.

3. I can also embed this video on my student eBoard. During center time, my students can view this video as reinforcement of the concept and create examples of flips, slides and turns on a teacher-created PowerPoint Slide template (linked to the eBoard note), using autoshapes and the move tools.

4. If a student was absent on the day I taught the class, they can use the video to catch up on the learning. To assess their understanding, I can have the student re-create a similiar "video" in his/her own voice using Tux Paint, a mic, and Camtasia (Jing).

5. I can have a cooperative group, view the video and prepare a "lesson" for the rest of the class. With guidance,we can work together, watch the video and have the cooperative group teach their peers flips, slides, and turns. The video would be a part of the lesson to the whole group of course.

Other components I would include in the lesson in addition to the video:
-mathtrain.tv - I would have students create videos in their own voice to explain the terms: flip, slide, and turn and find real examples in the classroom, design and art (i.e. classroom layout, Fendi, Gucci, Escher). Once the videos are created, we would submit them to this site for approval. Children teaching children may make a difference.

-Cha Cha Slide - This song is a favorite with my students. After performing the cha cha slide, we would discuss where the math terms we are learning apply. This would appeal to my kinesthetic and musical students (that would be most of them...)


lance said...

Very creative and effective uses of the segment. Another home extension would be to embed the video into the quiz builder or writing prompt builder (see Builder Tools within DE) and have the students answer a few questions after watching the video or reflect upon the math behind the cha cha slide (you can embed html code into the builder tools as well). Great post.

Kirstin said...

Thanks Lance.