Tuesday, April 20, 2010

EDIM 508 - Web Resources that Encourage Respectful and Ethical Minds

According to Julene Reed, “Tomorrow’s citizens must be global communicators, must be able to participate successfully in project-based activities, and must have collaborative skills.”Global competency and education are certainly essential tools for the 21st century learner. With these sentiments in mind, I can think of some really nice web resources that encourage purposeful and relevant collaborative experiences with students that would foster and encourage the respectful and ethical minds described in Howard Gardner's book:.

Adobe Youth Voices-

Using multimedia software to engage and encourage our middle level-high school students to tell their digital stories, Adobe Youth Voices, empowers students to "create with purpose" with the hopes of encouraging stewardship and community activism. This website provides educators with wonderful resources that will help them plan, shape and implement engaging projects that integrate the use of dynamic multimedia software.

MAGPI (Mid-Atlantic Gigapop in Philadelphia for Internet2)

MAGPI provides ample resources for an international network of K-12 educators, experts and students who participate in real-time, global experiences and projects via interactive video exchanges. In short, MAGPI serves as an ITV  “dating service” for educators, experts and students, providing the bridge that links educational vision, concepts and lesson plan objectives to hundreds of unique rich, authentic and compelling virtual experiences. Here are two examples of inquiry-based projects sponsored by MAGPI:

Arts and Humanities- Culture Convergence: Religion in Taiwan
Students in Taiwan provide a live presentation to American students to enlighten them about their culture and religious beliefs. The goal is to provide students with cultures that transcend beyond the boundaries of the western world.

Mathematics - International Math Challenge (grades 3-5)
Taking on the role of teacher, students are challenged to teach there global peers math games. This is a fun way to have a cultural exchange through learning math.

PeaceCorps World Wise Schools

This website brings the Peace Corps experience to life for both educators and students. One can't help but become empathetic toward others and excited about providing some level of service to a community that transcends beyond the backyard. Through this website you can:
-Connect to Peace Corps Volunteers via Correspondence
-Invite Peace Corps Volunteers to make a classroom visit
-Engage students through a plethora of lesson plans that link to true stories, folk tales, and letters from Peace Corps Volunteers
- Discover what is like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer, via Podcast, Video, Slide Show or by Playing the Interactive Peace Corps Challenge Game


lance said...

Thank you so much for this post. I appreciate the time you put into and I'm sure everyone in the class will benefit from the ideas.

Kirstin said...

Thanks Lance.